Private Clinic


Full body skin cancer screening by an experienced and highly skilled skin cancer nurse and dermoscopist.
Pricing includes individualised assessment including:
• Use of state of the art intelligent dermatology technology.
• Safe and secure storage of all personal information and imaging.
• Access to teledermoscopy referral opinions from expert skin cancer doctors.
• Identification of suspicious lesions and referral to appropriate services as required.
• Education and advice on ongoing screening, risk profile and preventative health measures.


Using state of the art intelligent dermatology software to map your surface skin, 26 photos are taken to assist in the early detection of melanoma and stored in your personal mole scope file.

This appointment suits patients that are monitored closely by their GP or specialist but need a baseline record of their surface skin. It also suits patients that have recently had a skin check and want a record of their surface skin to monitor, patients being proactive, high risk patients for Melanoma and patients with many naevi (moles).

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